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No-Fault Arbitration

At the Law Firm of Edward Blinder, PLLC, we offer no-fault arbitration for the New York and New Jersey areas with a commitment to excellence in legal services. Our practice is centered around aiding healthcare providers, including physicians, surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors, and others, in collecting No-Fault insurance payments that are rightfully due to them.

We partner with medical offices to secure payment for no-fault medical bills from insurance companies. Our team steps into the courtroom on your behalf, leveraging our extensive experience to turn legal challenges into victories for you. We appreciate that each medical practice is unique; thus, we offer personalized attention that adapts to both large and smaller practices alike, setting us apart from larger firms.

Why Choose Us for No-Fault Arbitration?

Personalized Service: We ensure that your practice receives the individualized service necessary to achieve significant results, tailoring our approach to meet your specific needs.

Proven Experience: With thousands of cases successfully managed, our expertise makes us the go-to firm for healthcare providers seeking diligent No-Fault insurance collections.

Competitive Rates: Our services are designed to be cost-effective, ensuring you receive your payments without any additional financial burden to your practice.

Our Approach to No-Fault Arbitration

Arbitration often presents a direct and potent method for recovering medical bills. However, we are also fully equipped to pursue litigation if necessary. Our team has resolved a myriad of claims, including unpaid bills for medical supplies, surgical procedures, office visits, diagnostic testing, and other essential services following car accidents.

Importance of Adequate Documentation

Success in No-Fault arbitration heavily relies on the thoroughness of the documentation submitted. An expert attorney is crucial, but without the right documents, such as referrals, hospital and ER records, and detailed service bills, even the most skilled lawyer faces challenges. We stress the importance of collecting comprehensive documentation from the outset to streamline the arbitration process and enhance the likelihood of a successful outcome.

What to Expect

Once you provide us with all necessary documentation, we’ll handle the submission for arbitration, clearly stating the necessity of the treatment received by the patient. Our process includes a review of the insurance company’s arguments against the necessity of medical treatments. Regardless of their claims, we ensure that we are prepared to counteract with additional evidence, reinforcing the legitimacy of the claim.

We take the security and urgency of your submissions seriously, never relegating your important documents to insecure storage. Our team prioritizes immediate and careful handling of all cases.

We Handle All Types of Claims

  • Physical Therapy
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Surgical and Office Supplies
  • Chiropractic Services
  • Hospital and Surgery Center Services
  • Acupuncture

While we cannot guarantee outcomes for legal reasons, we promise to deliver top-notch service and attention to detail that elevates your chances for success. Interested in seeing the difference for yourself? Contact the Law Firm of Edward Blinder, PLLC today for a free consultation. Let us take care of your next case, and experience the professional results we’re known for firsthand.

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