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Posted May 30, 2024

Icy Slip & Fall Plaintiff Awarded $2.25 Million For Back Injury

Teresa Carr, a 43-year-old resident of New Brunswick, secured a $2.25 million settlement after a two-day arbitration hearing for injuries sustained from a slip and fall on ice at her workplace, Monarch Electric Co. in Cranbury. The incident occurred on March 8, 2018, as Carr was entering the premises, leading to significant back injuries and […]

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Posted May 27, 2024

The Process Of Negotiating With Insurance

When dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury, one of the most critical steps is negotiating with insurance companies. This phase can often determine the quality and speed of your recovery by securing the necessary financial resources. A personal injury lawyer is experienced in these discussions and is eager to share some effective strategies […]

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Posted May 21, 2024

How To Document Your Car Accident

A car accident can be a disorienting and stressful experience. In the moments and days following an accident, it is crucial to document everything accurately to protect your rights and prepare for any potential legal proceedings. Proper documentation can significantly aid your case, especially if you decide to seek compensation for damages or injuries. Documenting […]

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Posted May 20, 2024

How Law Firms Ensure Effective Management Of Legal Challenges

It’s not uncommon for individuals and businesses to experience legal challenges at some point in their life. Whether dealing with disputes, regulatory issues, or complex transactions, the need for professional legal assistance is paramount. A law firm can play a crucial role in managing these challenges, offering clients the support and guidance needed to understand […]

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Posted May 19, 2024

Legal Help After Your Intersection Collision

Intersections are among the most common sites for traffic accidents, often resulting in severe injuries and property damage. If you’ve been involved in an intersection collision, you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of your next steps. However, with the guidance and support of experienced legal advocates, you can deal with the legal process with […]

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Posted April 30, 2024

Tragic Loss Of Local Cyclist

When it comes to bike accidents, more often than not the results are tragic — a cyclist has little chance against a vehicle; these car versus bike accidents are becoming more common, which is why we have a New Brunswick NJ bicycle accident lawyer at our firm. According to our bike accident lawyer, a sad […]

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Posted April 30, 2024

Choosing The Right Personal Injury Attorney For Your Case

When you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, finding the right attorney to handle your case can significantly impact the outcome. The process can be overwhelming, but with careful consideration, you can select a professional who will advocate effectively on your behalf. Below are some essential tips to help […]

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Posted April 20, 2024

Common Types Of Personal Injuries

Personal Injuries Personal injury cases encompass a wide range of accidents and incidents in which individuals suffer harm due to the negligence or wrongful actions of others. These injuries can occur in various settings, including car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, and more. Understanding the different types of personal injuries can help […]

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Posted March 25, 2024

Teenager Killed In Bicycle Accident

Teenager Killed In Bicycle Accident In July 2023, a teenager was struck and killed while he was riding his bicycle in a New Jersey community. 14-year-old Bryan Barbosa was tragically killed while riding his bike at an intersection in South River. Struck by a white work van, Bryan was rushed to the hospital but couldn’t […]

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Posted March 21, 2024

5 Common Types Of Car Accidents

Car accidents are a frequent occurrence on roads worldwide, resulting from various factors such as human error, road conditions, and weather. Understanding the common types of car accidents is essential for promoting road safety and implementing preventive measures. Victims of crashes should contact a car accident lawyer to determine their legal options. Rear-End Collisions Rear-end […]

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